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May 17 2014


Bokwa: The Latest Dance Workout To Burn Calories - The Times Of India

my website /> For instance, draw an Max Workouts free L, K, J or get your body to move like the number 3. Interestingly, due to its nature, this dance routine can be followed by people of all age groups. You can go all out and jazz it up with extra shimmies, hip bumps, or other freestyle moves. This simple, basic and sassy dance routine is more fun when you do it with your partner or with a group of people. Benefits: Who said burning calories was monotonous? This lean and mean dance routine is a great cardio workout as it combines cardio conditioning, strength training, coordination and flexibility. According to experts, one Bokwa workout can actually help you burn around 1,000 calories.
More http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/fitness/Bokwa-The-latest-dance-workout-to-burn-calories/articleshow/35019101.cms

February 18 2014


Your Sensitive Sunday Washpost: Feeling The Pain Of Being 'genderqueer At The Gym'

When I lived in Philadelphia last year, I tried using a gay gym, thinking it was bound to be more sensitive to gender expression. I was disappointed by an environment that catered to men and lacked accommodations for women or transgender individuals.... The gym invites me to expose my unfettered masculinity without apology. Ive discovered an unparalleled sense of affirmation when I catch a burly fellow watching me perform my 10th pull-up, awed by the unfamiliar sight of a masculine girl training her body to maximum performance. Story Continues Below Ad <a href="http://adserver.adtechus.com/adlink/3.0/5235/1131671/0/0/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]" target="_blank"><img src="http://adserver.adtechus.com/adserv/3.0/5235/1131671/0/0/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]" border="336" width="280" height="0"></a> But the gym can hurt, too. Most people Max Workouts review dont have to think too hard about which locker room to use or weigh its potential for hostility. For me, the womens locker room is a difficult place. Im stared at by confused youngsters or gawked at by a feminine mob of elliptical addicts.
More http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2014/02/16/your-sensitive-sunday-washpost-feeling-pain-being-genderqueer-gym

February 09 2014


Fitness Marketing Expert Offers Tips For Starting A Personal Training Business

He explains, "I wanted to make this video so I could reach fitness professionals and give them solid advice on starting a business because a lot of them tend to go the extra mile and spend more than they should when opening a training facility. I wanted to prevent a headache for http://finance.myfoxny.com/about.html/news/read/25347725 personal trainers looking to venture out." In this new video, Keuilian goes over important topics like how to choose a location, how to leave extra money on the table for critical business expenses such as marketing, and ways to find more personal training clients. "Don't spend so much time and money on creating the perfect workout space. Make it look nice, but don't go to the extreme when designing your space and overspend," says Keuilian. "You also don't need to worry about street visibility to get clients because marketing will do that for you, so don't focus so much on the location." Starting a Personal Training Business, out now on the Bedros Keuilian Youtube Channel, offers solutions to the most pressing issues that fitness professionals face when starting a new business. Hoping to set more personal trainers up for success, Keuilian's new video is a useful tool for those who are considering making the switch from a personal trainer to a fitness business owner and even gives examples of how to get clients into their new fitness facility. To read more of Keuilian's expert advice on starting a personal training business , please visit his fitness marketing blog - http://ptpower.com/ .
Source: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwfitness/article/Fitness-Marketing-Expert-Offers-Tips-for-Starting-a-Personal-Training-Business-20140205

January 26 2014


Rouhani?s Comedy Routine In Davos

Martin Fine is considered to be the father of affordable housing in Miami-Dade. The County celebrated the 20th anniversary of a surtax program that he and Carrie P. Meek created, with a gala in 2004. Another candidate for most galling statement made by an Iranian leader comes from Rouhanis Twitter account last week: Our relationship w/ the world is based on Iranian nations interests. In #Geneva agreement world powers surrendered to Iranian nations will. This tweet was deleted by unknown hands it was probably seen as a bit too pushy (or a bit too close to the truth) by the Iranian foreign ministry. Rouhani managed to be both impudent and on-message Thursday in his address at Davos, where he announced that one of the theoretical and practical priorities of my government is constructive engagement with the world. By world, of course, he did not mean Israel, a member-state of the United Nations that Iran is seeking to annihilate. And he didnt seem to be referring to Irans many Arab neighbors, which the Iranian government has been seeking to destabilize and undermine for three decades. And he clearly wasnt making reference to Thailand, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the United States, all of which are countries where Iranian-sponsored terrorists have recently been operating. Rouhani, in his speech, made another assertion that could be characterized fairly as both bold and misleading: I strongly and clearly state that nuclear weapons have no place in our security strategy, and Iran has no motivation to move in that direction. Iran has spent billions of dollars in its pursuit of nuclear weapons technology, and in pursuit of the kind of highly enriched uranium that has only one purpose. It has suffered the loss of billions more because of sanctions designed to prevent it from reaching the nuclear weapons threshold. But facts be damned: Theres a charm offensive to be waged. And Davos is quite apparently ready to be charmed.

January 23 2014


welcome to my web journey

welcome to my online blog
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